Apr 19, 2010

friend “sekufu”

1.02am 19/4/2010 (saved by WLW)


now, like always… people change..
i don’t want to talk about other people in my blog. i just write my own story, people who i love, who have my flesh n blood, who i care, n they are always care about me..

well, here are some ‘warning’ to myself..
1- dont ever put your strength to other.
let’s take for the granted. learn how to make yourself stronger then other. not for the other. but for yourself n your future.ignore the other whom talented then u that make u down with yourself.


2- dont ever favour helps from other.

coz the other will remember for their benefits n repayment. if u cant give them benefits n repayment, ( bcoz if u gave, it will give the big risks on u) then,  u will die..hahahahaa… (no one can understand me include my bf) favour helps from your family or your future husband like my boyfriend.they will never wait for the benefit nor repayment.dont ever favour from your friends!!! because they r the other!!


3- dont ever tell the other everythings about you including your deep secrets..

yeah,,u must learn how to be a secretive person. if you let them know, you’ll humiliate by them sooner or later..when your relationship are over!


4- dont ever think like the other if they are narrow minded  or unmatured then u. (age r not the real scale of the maturity)

if your family say u r more advance then others, that mean u could think out of the box far away from the other, u must confident with yourself. dont follow other. if u  confident with yourself, then u r wrong, u will not blame other but blame yourself and you have learn how to fix it up. but if you follow other, then it was wrong, you will blame them, and them will blame to u too…


5- dont ever eat the other foods

because you will learn to be a borrower.. once you know, you will be a borrower  forever.got it??

aku da ngntuk nk karang panjang-panjang….

and last thing…….

P1018158 true best friend are always at your side whatever u feels, n your fate. she/he will keep the bad story of you in front of others. even you never give your help and  hurting her/him heart, she/he never let you alone like the photos  above.

we live for our life.
we fall together, we success together.



farah said...

teharu beb...!
bnyknye gamba.. mmg da ley jd second muiez..... ;p

anis said...

oh.. bukan ke da lame jadi second muiezz?? ;)