Dec 30, 2010

i’m not prepare yet

feel so unfeeling rite now… and always…  i haven’t prepare anything yet to live alone at isolation place. doesn’t have a preparation or spirit to survive there. without my inspiration at my side. he will leave me alone there. he make me so lonely in the crowded place. only him can help me… please i bagging you help me!!! T___T

damn!! enough of this suffer!

bring your soul out of this! you are not alone anis! you always at His side! only you make yourself far from Him!
once you ask for be near you, He will nearer then you asked! you can do this anis! don’t be annoying for yourself. you will make it without anybody there. because He always at your side. be strong… you’re spiritual big girl. have a nice life.. ^__^
yes! i’ll make it!!
insyallah in cage of “i promise.”

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