Feb 19, 2011

please teach me how to fly.

do i have a wings to fly??
can i fly??
i surrounded by circumference of birds which have a big beautiful wings make them can fly in the atmosphere. i’m really envy with them.  i have no wings at all. but it doesn’t mean that i can’t fly! i'm serious!
i'm not good in English but i'm trying hard to improve my english. i'm not a dean list student who can manage my study to get great mark all the time. i'am only a student who study for adding my knowledge and understand what i’m studying for the years. i want to go oversea like my friends, my neighbours, my childhood friends . see a new environment, lifestyle, the buildings, their country side, and all of delicious Halal foods there. i really passionate to study out of my country. i hope my wish come true. pray to Allah all the time to turn my wish become reality. Amin.. –_-

in the studio. TRP05. studying hard and smart to understand what i'm learning.


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