May 6, 2011

short message.


how to learn English slowly and informal? i'm asking you... T_T

let see... my chinese friends in facebook always use english when they make conversation with their chinese friend. they still using english eventhough their grammar are upside down!!  ^_^

haaa,,, so, if u want to approve your english, u should always use english in your conversation.

broken grammar wasn't a matter.  ^_~



plankton said...

ahaha..i think..i need to improve my english too..

for a fresh start..alternate eng - bm entry..

how about that?do u think its gonna work?

anis said...

mybe.. it may work n we can add our vocab.
huhu but your english is good than me lah.huhuhu...

plankton said...

ahaha my english is better??
no lah..
my english is not that good..and my grammar? can't say i used it properly or not...