Jun 16, 2011




hai, mulut orang kita tak boleh nak tutup kan.  mata orang pon kita tak boleh nak pejamkan.

bila orang dah nampak, sebarkan umpat.

bila dah mengumpat, timbul pula fitnah dengan wacana “jangan-jangan”, “entah-entah”.

hai persepsi. memang berlainan dengan orang yang berlainan.


what are the best thing  to do for ourselves:

* tell to someone what will  going to do

* do something in front of witness

* if you are active in cyber life like social network or blogger, be caution when you want to upload any pictures

* make your profile private and only the chosen one can view your profile

* select the best and polite picture for uploading in your public  blog

okay, what i will do right now is, promote my facebook account link to my readers here and, please do message me your blog’s link first and i’ll add you as my friends ^_^. i will reduce my pic in my entry because there’s so many stalkers in my blog. for whom want to view my other pic, do message your blog link at my facebook account here.  ^_^W


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