Sep 29, 2011

i’m not blogger-famous

I don’t get messages everyday.

I don’t get compliments by my followers.

I don’t post the best stuff.

I don’t look good head to toe.

I don’t get readers that reach over a 100 per hour

I don’t have much a lot of followers.


I do cherish the messages I get.

I love the compliments I get, when I get lucky.

I share stuff I feel connects to me even though its not original.

I get happy when I reach 1 reader per hour.

And I do love every single one of my followers. =)



Laurie Gina said...

maaf, Mia dh tukar link blog..hihi
... jenguk2 cnie :)

Tukang Karut said...

aku suka blog ni pasal gambar2 yang cantik... hoho... selama ni jadi silent reader je...

anis said...

laurie gina : okay.. ^_^

tukang karut: hohoho, terima ksih... =)