Oct 23, 2011

day 1: Introduce yourself


seriously i don’t like to make an essay. more prefer do some point or in poetry. yeah! make a difference yep. n_~ loving it!


working at utusan Airtime temporarily.but will be “worked”.  -.-
love spiritual music that can bring me some fresh spirit.  love music with my heart rhythm.
love to be some creative person and sometimes weirdooo… =.=
some of my life entries are in my poetries and pictures that have a thousand means. who are truly know me will guess the right meaning.
love to be alone and isolated. dunno why but i love it.
love to socialize in silent. u doesn’t know that i’m exist yup!
serious person in major. emotional yang terlebih. and sometimes can be moroon.. =.=
passionate in:-
online blogging, facebooking
make up stuff
making something with paper and scissor, sewing.

and the important intro is,,,, MY NAME IS nikfarahanis. n_n
can call me what ever u want. nik, farah, anis, hanis, faranis, blabla. =P

more details here. n_~


selamat berkenalan semua!! helloo.. n_nb



iMBobo said...

hai anis! :)

anis said...

hye imbobo.. n_~

YNA said...

hi dear :)

salam kenal :)

happy blogging ya? :)

anis said...

eyup! hye.. n_n

Tukang Karut said...

hai juga... :)

anis said...

hye lagi... n_n

naf. said...

nice one.selamat berkenalan:)

iza azmilia said...

skodeng anis jap , peewiiiiiiiiit