Oct 28, 2011

day 5: the most amazing things that happen to you


I have two amazing things that happen to me.

1) the boy that i admire fall in love with me after 4    years.  (Yeah, u all was read at day 2.)

2) i had the instinct that someone i loved will pass away. She was my grand mother. Late grandmom.

At the evening before she pass away, i could feel something will happen. The environment at that evening very sorrow make me feel cold. My heart was touched.

I walked back to my college from hang out with my boyfriend and opened the door and nobody inside. I sat at my bed, thinking and thinking untill my tears down but i don't know why i cried. I recite the yassin over and over untill i asleep.

Then, muiz called me to have a dinner with him.i prepared myself and met muiz. We walked together and i told him that this nite i feel so sorrow and sad. It's so cold tonite n i don't know why. After we had a dinner, at the right time, my sister called me that my grandmom was pass away a few hours ago.

I can't told what i feel at that time. But the most feeling  that i can tell was, i pleased her go with peacefull. a few minutes later, the heavy rain down from my eyes.. Haha. Thats normal situation rite. n_n

Okay, thats all the most amazing things that happen in my life. I hope i will get this instinct at the time for all my beloved person..


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